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The exchange rate fluctuates on a regular basis; if you would like to know today's rate, visit, enter the estimated total for your order in Canadian dollars and convert it to U.S. Credit card company rates may also be slightly different, but this will give you a good estimate of your cost in U.S. money.

Meters vs. Yards

Because Canada is a metric measuring country, we sell fabric by the meter rather than the yard. A meter is actually 10% greater than a yard; 39" compared to 36". Therefore, the cost per meter is also a bit greater than what you may be used to in American shops, but it works out to be almost the same cost as what you are used to paying.

We sell in metric, but are happy to convert yards to meters for you. Please contact us with any questions! The following is an approximate conversion chart for your reference. One metre is equal to approximately 39.5 inches.  

Yards Metres
1/4 yard .2 of a metre (20 centimetres)
1/2 yard   .4 of a metre ( 40 centimetres)  
3/4 yard   .7 of a metre (70 centimetres)
1 yard .9 of a metre (90 centimetres)  
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