Shipping Information

Free Shipping within Canada on orders over $200.00. *Exception - If Shipping Charges are over $40.00 Hamels Fabrics will cover the first $40.00 and bill the remainder amount to your order.

Your order will be shipped as quickly as possible. It will include a receipt, and the total will reflect actual shipping charges.

Order Subtotal In Canada USA International Shipping
$0 - $ 15.00 $5.50 $10.00 $0-$50-     $25
$50.01-$10000-     $55
$15.01 - $50.00 $11.50  $13.00
$50.01 - $100.00 $14.00 $18.00
$100.01 - $200.00 $18.50    $32.00
$200.01 and up Free Shipping* $35.50
Block of the Month Programs $6.95   $10.95     


 For remote areas of Canada and the U.S.A. where shipping is much higher due to having to fly Postal in by small aircraft etc. shipping charges will be adjusted accordingly.

 Extra Shipping charges may be applied to orders which contain batting due to the bulk of the packaging. This will only apply if the actual shipping charges reflect a higher rate.

 When you are receiving a Block of the Month program Actual Shipping Charges will be charged on the block of the Month that contains all the finishing parts such as borders, bindings etc.

*Exception - If Shipping Charges are over $40.00 Hamels Fabrics will cover the first $40.00 and bill the remainder amount to your order.


Let's make returns real easy and straight forward. Here goes ....... Our products may be returned for a store credit within 30 days of original purchase, provided they are unopened and in "like-new" condition. Any shipping on returns will be paid by the buyer, unless the mistake is ours (we ship you the wrong thing, we ship you too many of something, not enough, etc), then we pay. The returned goods must include a copy of the receipt, your e-mail address, shipping address, and phone number so we can get the item back in stock.

No restocking fee, just a wonderful store credit which can be spent at your convenience, we'll take care of you as best we can, we promise.

Please Note that all custom made kits are non-refundable.   A custom made kit refers to a kit where you request that the colors be changed from what Hamels is presenting. Or it can be a pattern which you have requested that we do up the colors for. This kit is then your personal taste so if returned would be difficult for Hamels to use as a resale item as we would not have a sample or picture to present it.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Customs, Duties & Taxes

Once in a while our international customers have to pay fees for customs, duties and taxes. These extra fees can vary widely depending on which country the parcel is destined for. We have no control over potential extra charges which can possibly be applied by the destination country. We highly recommend that you research the policies which pertain to your country. Also if a custom clearance procedure is involved in the shipping it will add to the shipping time and once again this is not within our control. We do sympathise with the customer when their parcel is singled out for duties and taxes, fortunately this is not a common occurance.